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My name is 3D Dave and I’ve been working in 3D, animation and graphics for the last 13 years. I have a passion is for all things 3D and I am currently working on projects to create models, rigging, lighting, texturing and animation. On this site you will find details of the various projects I am working on including 3d printing using an Ultimaker 3d printer, as well as some of my latest research and development in augmented reality. For anyone interested in learning how to do their own 3D work they can checkout the upcoming courses that I will be teaching. As the founder of Fabi-con I’m always seeking opportunities to help the growth of 3d printing in Ireland and UK. If you would like to contact me about any of the upcoming events or are looking for details on what I do you can contact me atemail

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3D Modeling

Whats on your mind? I can create it

3D modelling has been a core part of my career for 13 years and projects have included anything from doing product shots, to animation for TV adverts as well as features film and shorts. 3D Modelling projects I’ve worked on includes: Sky, TV3, 3e, Jameson. Guinness, Vodafone, Craft Council of Ireland, Eddie rockets, Eircom, Jones Oil, The Film The Summit and many more

3D Printing

Just about anything can be printed

With over 3 years of 3D printing and the use of 2 Ulitmakers. Anything is possible will printing at hire resolution than most other printers of its type, Objects can be printed up to a size of 21 cm squared and as small as only a couple of millimetre tall. I have printed things from awards to key rings from neck leases to prototypes. All done with a small turn around.

3D Scanning

Just about anything can be scanned

Depending on the size and the surface of the object being scan will determine which out of the4 scanning processing is used. Just about anything can be scanned from small object only a few millimetres up to a few meters. After then object is scanned it then clean up and made water tight, ready to print or to used for computer graphics.


With many demos and talks under my belt demos from TedX to Craft Council Of Ireland and dublin mini maker faire to Intel With lots of course taught teaching people 3d modelling for 3d printing. List Of Places i have Demoed my Work Intel TEDx 2012-13 Kerry Foods Dublins Mini Maker Faire 2012-13 4th July @ The American Ambassadors residence Craft Canceil of Ireland Irish Design Shop RHA 3D Camp BIG Day Out Engineers Week – TOG Talk Engineers Week CareerZoo Fuse Talk Makeshop grand opening

We encountered Dave when working on developing a bike lock concept in Trinity College Dublin. We were unfamiliar with the 3d printing process, but found it to be an extremely efficient way of prototyping and testing different mechanisms. 3d printing allowed us to experiment with complex shapes which would have been extremely expensive to produce in metal. 3d printing also allowed the production of much stronger and durable pieces than other rapid prototyping techniques.
In the course of our work we found Dave to be extremely efficient and knowledgeable regarding the 3d printing process. I would recommend anyone involved in product design to look at 3d printing as a means of prototyping and testing concepts. I would also recommend anyone looking for effective and accurate 3d printing to talk to Dave.’

—John Hickey

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